Rainbow mentors needs your help with program costs, operating costs and creating an 2SLGBTQIA youth library. Help us provide amazing programs to 2SLGBTQIA youth. This program will be supporting 2SLGBTQIA+ kids and youth from age 4-18. It will be run as a mentoring program. There is currently a gap in services for this population and age range. Your donation will be used to register as a not for profit organization so that we can apply for consistent funding, which will help us grow and help this community receive the support needed.  ABOUT US Rainbow Mentors was created to fill a gap in services for children and youth age 8-15 identifying as TWO-SPIRIT and LGBTQIA . Rainbow Mentors is an innovative community development program created by Sean Cullen who has a diploma as a social service worker and experience working with marginalized youth. Sean identifies as a Queer Transman. Rainbow Mentors aims to connect TWO-SPIRIT and LGBTQIA  youth to positive adult MENTORS. Rainbow Mentors strives to be fluid in the ways it provides programming and training. We recognize that over time language, awareness, and concepts in learning styles change. We are committed to always using best practices and staying current with new ideas and the needs of the community. To donate follow the link below.

Where is your money going?

Insurance  $2000/year

Office rental monthly fee $250/month

Banking fees $ 10/month

Marketing (brochures/buttons and stickers) $500

Supplies for activities (arts and crafts/bus tickets for mentors) $500/month

Queer youth library – going donations of books accepted. please check our Facebook for post with a link to our amazon wish list

Funding our future music program that will include a choir and orchestra

Please consider making an ongoing donation to support us with these costs.


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