Rainbow Team

Jax Baxter — Executive Director



Jax Baxter is the Executive Director of Rainbow Mentors.  Jax has a social service worker diploma from Mohawk College. During their student placement for college they sat on the first Brantford Pride committee and started Brantford first gender peer support group at Grand River CHC, they also served as the chairperson and president of Hamilton Pride in 2018/2019  They worked in developmental services for 5 years as front line residential counselor and behaviour technician. Jax identifies as non-binary and has a passion for art and community work with the The LGBTQIA+ community.

Jessica Cairns- Assistant Director


Jessica Cairns is the Assistant Director of Rainbow Mentors. She is a CSW with a specialty in counselling. Jessica has been an advocate and member of the LGBTQIA+ community for many years. Jessica helped develop and establish the first positive space program in a Hamilton Highschool. Upon meeting Sean Cullen and hearing his ideas for developing this program, it quickly became a dream/passion project for Jessica. Jessica looks forward to seeing the difference that the success of a much needed specialized program like Rainbow Mentors can make in Hamilton and the surrounding areas in the future.

Jennecka Stovell- Treasurer


Jennecka Stovell is the owner of Mizz J’s Cleaning Service. She has been operating her business for 10 years. She was born and raised in Bermuda and immigrated to Hamilton in 2007, after attending McMaster University. She was involved with various youth programs in Bermuda such as Big Brother Big Sister Program where she was a mentee. In her youth, joined the Bermuda Cadet Corps reaching the rank of Warrant Officer Class 2 and decided to give back to the program by serving as Cadet Adjutant at the rank of Captain, through the Royal Bermuda Regiment. She also served as a Music Director for 2 years for various summer camps run by the Bermuda Dept. of Youth, Sport and Recreation. Music happens to be one of her many passions in life.

Jacqui Fendley- Member


Jacqui is a mature queer woman who lives 6 months of every year in the

Hamilton area. Jacqui has a background in Social Services and was a special

treatment foster parent and open custody parent. Over a 13 year period she

fostered several queer and trans youth. Volunteerism and community

engagement has been how she has lived her life and she wishes to continue giving

to her community.

image0000001– Secretary


Terri Wallis- Member/Accessibility  Consultant


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